Sunday, September 14

Seeing Eye grads in China win gold

Greetings. I received the following item from an email list. Enjoy.

You can visit the US Paralympics site to learn more about our two grads

Jen Armbruster


Jessica Lorenz

---According to the China Internet, Asya Miller carried the United States to a
gold medal in the Paralympic Women's Goalball competition with a six-goal
haul at the Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium on Sunday. The United
States beat China 6-5.

The two games went goal-for-goal right up to the end, with the deficit never
being more than one goal.

It came down to literally the final minute of play when Miller found the
back of the net with a devastating cross-court throw to give the United
States the lead with 49 seconds left.

It was then a question of defense and the United States was able to hang on
and go one better than its silver medal in Athens.

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  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Jessie is a friend of mine so I have been following her blog as well! I listened to the final game via the internet early Sunday morning and it was a nail biter! I sat with my toes curled around the rungs of my chair! Of course I exploded out of it when I heard Aysa make that last goal! Unbelievable! I read your blog each morning as well. It is fun to hear about your experiences and those of others in your class. I have big Golden in training now. He is a love. My current TSE pup is just 5 months old now. He is a yellow lab and tons of fun!
    Yikes! I am at work and need to get back to it!