Tuesday, May 5

CNET reviews the Stream

Greetings. Imagine my surprise when going through my daily round of blogs, posts and RSS feeds today to find a review of the Victor Reader Stream done by a CNET reviewer. The article is called An audiobook player designed for the Blind. Apparently you have to have an account with the CNET site or have a Facebook account to post comments. Otherwise, I would have made the following comment: Though the $349 price tag might seem expensive, it's relatively cheap and affordable in the blind community, where many hardware/software products made for the blind cost many times more than that amount. For instance, if you want to use your computer with a flexible and up to date screen reading software package, plan on spending around $1,000. Suddenly, that $349 price tag doesn't seem so much. Also, I think that shipping is included in that price, for what that's worth. AS the article notes, the price is comparable to similar mainstream MP3 players, such as the iPod. There's no indication on when this article was published, but it looks to be fairly recent going on the date of the one comment currently there. It's great to see a mainstream site like CNET review blindness products. Hopefully this will bring even more exposure and users to the Stream family.

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