Monday, May 18

JAWS 10 update final release

Greetings. Freedom Scientific has today released the final version of the JAWS 10 update. This final version includes the following changes:

  • Resolved an issue in Internet Explorer 8 where the JAWS Scripts that control reading and navigating the address bar with INSERT+A and INSERT+A twice quickly had stopped working. These commands are very useful when you want URL information without moving your Virtual Cursor from your reading position on the Web page. These scripts continue to work correctly in Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 6.
  • JAWS correctly reads and speaks the column and field titles in Access 2007 database tables. For example, when you press INSERT+TAB while focus is in an Access table cell (field), JAWS will now announce all field information such as the column name, the field contents, and any other associated tutor message. Previously, the column name information was not mentioned, or it was necessary to press ALT+TAB to leave and then return to the application in order to hear the complete field information.
  • When you use the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW to navigate by line in the Virtual Viewer while in Access 2007, JAWS now speaks each line. Previously, JAWS would only speak the line of text when you pressed INSERT+UP ARROW to read the current line.
  • The 64-bit version of JAWS 10 now correctly tracks focus when running Microsoft Windows 7.
  • When you select text using SHIFT+LEFT ARROW or SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW, such as in the File name edit field of the Open dialog box, JAWS now announces each character as it is selected. Previously, JAWS would just say the word “Selected” without announcing the character.
  • When composing a new e-mail message using Outlook Express 6, JAWS will now announce the words “Edit, type in text” when you move into the message body using TAB or CTRL+GRAVE. Previously, JAWS would say “Edit, read only.”
  • When talking in a Freedom Scientific Webinar training session, you can use the ALT+L command to lock and unlock the Talk key. This command now functions correctly with the Webinar conference software plug-in that you must install the first time you attend a training session.
  • Resolved several HTML issues when using JAWS with Libera System 7 Framework™ solutions software.

I expect that this is the version they will take with them to the summer conventions to demonstrate and give away at their various FS training sessions. If the pattern for the past few years holds, then this is probably the last major update to this version before we see beta testing and distribution later this year of JAWS version 11. As always, you can get this update by either downloading a copy from the FS site or by choosing the "check for updates" item in the JAWS Help menu and then following the prompts. Enjoy.

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