Friday, May 8

Labels, labels everywhere

Greetings. For the astute Wayne's Blog reader, you might have noticed some aditional links. For the longest time I've added labels to my posts but didn't have an area that displayed all of those labels on my blog. Now I do. I should say here that a couple of years ago when Labels were first introduced, I took several hours one afternoon and labeled many of my posts. There were a few from 2005 that I didn't get to though. If you happen to be looking for that handful from 2005, then you'd probably be better served by going to the archives and bringing up the year/month combination, rather than trying to find them through the labels. Not sayign you won't find them, but just that it might take awhile. From 2006 on though, I'm pretty sure i've got everything labeled. So, from now on, or until I decide to change it which likely won't be anytime soon, you can view posts from any of the labeled categories. I try not to come up with a label that ends up only containing a few posts without just cause. There are a few, such as Petra, Metallica, and some others, but those are either works in progress, or they deserve their own labels, even if they don't contain many posts. Enjoy.

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