Sunday, March 19

6 Flavors of Vista

Greetings. I came across this article from Tech News, called Microsoft boxes up Vista. Be sure you're sitting down and somewhat computer savvy. This article is not for the faint of heart. It describes not one, or two, but the six, or is it seven, different versions of Windows Vista that will be coming out later this year. Even though they're trying to please everyone, this could very well make it even harder for the home user. On the adaptive software/hardware front, it is probably going to be a challenge for the various companies, like Freedom Scientific, to ensure that their software supports most, if not all, of those Vistas. I'm quite sure that the adaptive companies products will work with Vista, eventually, but that's a big order.

On the positive side, the article does state that the Office suite of software will be released the same day as Vista. Which of course means that the learning curves will become greater, with the task of learning how to open Word, and then how to use its new features. Anyway, read the article and see just how many choices you have for your next computer.

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