Thursday, March 30

PM 4.0 Released

Greetings. This was actually released yesterday, but I first heard about it from a coworker this morning, so I am just now getting around to posting it here.

PAC Mate version 4.0 has been released. Read about the new features/fixes here. I've only just downloaded it myself, haven't yet installed it, but from the list of new features and fixes, it looks like a great release. At first glance, I'm extremely glad they're listing the fixes as well as the new features. I'm not sure why they didn't before, since JAWS releases always did. They are now though, and that's what counts. Other things that jump out at me include: the ability to have 2 FS Edit documents open at once; the enhancements to FS Edit in general, especially opening and saving files; and the built in check register template in Pocket Excel. I did speak with a tech support person this afternoon about the check register, asking him if credit and debit cards were accounted for, as well as written checks, and he said they were not in this release. He did suggest that I email Freedom Scientific and let them know of my ideas, which I have done. I dont' know about others, but I'm at a point in my life where I make more purchases with my debit card than I do actually writing checks. I could probably count on one hand the number of places I still write checks to. Anyway, this looks like a very promising program. And, you can save it to the flash disk or storage card, which pleases me greatly.

For more on the features/fixes in this release, refer to the link above. Enjoy. I'll write back later about anything else that jumps out at me. By that point, I'll have had some time with the new release. Rest assured, I'll go to work tomorrow with version 4 on my PM!

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