Thursday, March 2

Comments on Dog Guide Legislation

Greetings. I've been reading on some email lists about some proposed dog guide legislation, which would in essence required a charge for dog guides when traveling with their owners on airplanes. Before everyone gets all upset, I've also heard that this charge would not happen if the dog could fit under the seat in front of the user, or in the bulk head area. Further, this legislation and its purpose is false. It might exist, but people with dog guides would not be charged extra. I've gotten confirmation on this from people at both the Seeing Eye and the National Federation of the Blind. Besides, if there was a charge, I'm sure that consumer groups like the NFB and American Council of the Blind would undoubtedly have something to say about that.

I'm saying all this to say that if you hear or read about this legislation, rest assured that you will not be charged extra if you have a guide or service dog and want to fly. If I am wrong, then I trust that someone will constructively correct me.

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