Sunday, March 26

The Level Star Icon

Greetings. I just listened to a demonstration of the Icon, from Level Star on the ACB Radio CSUN blog. Here's an interesting approach to a note taker. From what the demo covered, it sounds like the device is based on proprietary software, but before you tune completely out, check out the design. The main part of the unit is a Qwerty or Braille style note taker like computer. What sets it apart from other similar competitive units is that the Icon has a remote-control like piece that will detach from the main unit, so you can take your books, music, podcasts, RSS feed stories, email, and other content, with you on the go. The Icon is not out yet, but it sounds like it will be a worthy competitor to the Pac Mate and BrailleNote mPower. Not knowing much about it beyond what the demo covered, it would be silly for me to speculate just how well the Icon will do; time will tell. To read more about the Icon and the company, visit the Level Star website.

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