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ATIA 2006 Archives Available

Did you miss the ATIA Conference in Orlando?

If you made it, did you miss some presentations due to scheduling conflicts?

Now you can access much of the valuable information shared at the ATIA
Conference through

Event Title.........................ATIA 2006 Online Conference

Where.............................Online at

- it's all online!

When?............................ Now! Your virtual booth will be live
through November 30, 2006.

The Cost? ........................Free access to over 50 presentations;
$49.00 for access to all archives

Over 100 hours of audio and video recordings were captured at the ATIA
(Assistive Technology Industry Association) conference held in Orlando this

January. ATIA partnered with OcuSource to create the
website. The website, powered by OcuSource's subsidiary service LetsGoExpo online conferencing, brings recordings generated at the live conference to end
users unable to attend the live event held in Orlando. The site has audio
recordings, samplings of streamed video, documents and more.

List of archived presentations:

* A "Continuum of Learning" for Children Using AAC Systems

* AAC Intervention with Children and Adolescents: Getting Results!

* AAC Interventions for Communication Partners: Cross Cultural Applications

* Accessible E-Learning Demonstrations Using IMS Accessibility

* Accessible Information Technology in Education: An Awareness Video

* Accessible Multimedia in E-books

* AGE Appropriate Services for Adolescent and Adult Communicators with
Severe- Profound Disabilities

* AT and UDL: Teaming Up to Meet the Needs of All Learners

* AT Consideration in the IEP: To Be or Not to Be

* AT Outcome Data Collection Tools--Platform Independent and Web-Based

* Avoiding the Pitfalls, Brick Walls, and Trees of Assistive Technology

* Blogging the Accessible Way

* Building Effective Campus-Based Teams with the ATSTAR Curriculum

* Building Interactive Classrooms Through Environmental Engineering and AAC

* Closing the Circuit: Building Accessible Modules from the Ground Up

* Developing a Universally Designed Curriculum: One Unit at a Time


* Expanding the Benefits of Cooperative Buying: Sharing What We've Learned

* Finding Their Bliss: Discovering Ways to Increase Active Participation

* Getting Started with School-based Data Collection on AT Strategies and

* Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts to Assistive Technology Outcomes and

* Implementing AAC in Acute Care Settings Beginning in Intensive Care

* Increasing Mean Length of Utterances on AAC: An Action Research Project

* Inside the Trainer's Studio

* Instructional Strategies for Using Video Magnifiers

* Integrating AAC Into Leisure and Learning

* Interpretype for Deaf and Deaf-Blind Communication

* Let's Play! Selecting Toys with Universal Design Features

* Low Tech Adaptations Across the Curriculum

* Mastering Microsoft Word

* Moving Students Forward

* Note Taking Strategies Using Technology for Students Who Are Visually

* Organizing my Space

* Partner-Assisted Communication Strategies for Children Who Face Multiple

* QIATConversations: 2006 Update

* Sorting through Symbol to Text Systems

* STFLS Meets Core Vocabulary for AAC Users: Supporting Language and
Literacy Through Start-to-Finish

* Supported Readings: Understanding Symbol Supports

* Switching to Talk - Not Just Talking Switches

* Tactual Literacy for Students with Severe Cognitive Challenges

* Teacher Use of Kidspiration with Elementary Students: Impact of Teacher

* Technology in the Preschool Setting: The Impact of CollaborativeTraining

* The Assistive Technology Wheel for Young Children

* The C.O.A.S.T.: A Framework to Facilitate Assistive Technology and

* The Economics of Developing Assistive Technology: A Hypothetical Case

* The True Power of Teaching with Technology

* The User Experience: Accessibility and Usability in the Online Environment

* Thinking Beyond AT in the Classroom Phase 2 of ILT Project

* Using Assistive Technology to Increase Undergraduate Student Engagement

* Using Technology to Enhance Literacy and Language Skills

* Using Written Assistive Technology Implementation Plans

* Video in the Classroom on a Shoestring Budget

* Visual Considerations for Individuals with Complex Communication Needs

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