Wednesday, May 17

Google SMS

Greetings. Well, now that I have a cell phone that I can access, I can do what I've always wanted to do, or at least have wanted to do for the past few years: send and receive text messages. So, I successfully signed up for a Google account earlier today. While I was poking around on the many parts of the Google empire, I came across its Google SMS service, where you can send text messages and search the web and get information with Google in the driver's seat. I thought I'd try it out and messaged "Dallas Mavericks" to 46645 (or Googl). Within a few seconds, I got a reply back in my phone's Inbox. When I opened it, there was the last game's score, where the game was played, and even stars around Dallas, I suppose to indicate the city of the team I searched for. Below all that, in a separate paragraph, was a listing of the next game at 9:30 Central time tonight.

For once in my life, I doubted Google, remembering that I saw the Mavs Spurs game on at 7 in a TV listing. When I turned on TNT though, sure enough, the announcers were talking about the game between Cleveland and Detroit. So Google was right, as always, :)

I've been looking for a way to get the scores for my favorite teams, since I'm now in Austin and not in my long time home town of Dallas, and all of the Dallas teams I'm interested in, or other teams, may not be reported on the local media; I can now get their scores. I can also get the weather for any city, stock quotes, news briefs, and much more.

If you're interested in the many services available to you with a text messaging or web enabled cell phone, then check out the list of services on Google Mobile. This will really help during football season for checking on those NFL or college teams I like. I'm still looking for a service that will automatically message me with the current scores, etc. So if anyone knows of such a thing, then let me know. That would eliminate the need to send a message out for the information. Regardless though, this Google SMS thing is a truly handy thing to have around!

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