Saturday, May 13

A Unique T-Shirt

Greetings. When listening to the best sports station in the world, in my humble opinion, Sports Radio 1310, The Ticket, from Dallas, the other day I heard an ad for their item of the month. Each month, they feature a different item, some that you would want to have and some you might not. Anyway, May's item is a Ticket T-shirt done in Braille. The Braille T-shirt is not new, but given that I never thought I'd have one from The Ticket is notable. Supposedly, the shirt says, "Sports radio 1310 The Ticket," in Braille. I'm not sure of this since, I'm wondering if a bunch of people at a guy talk/sports station can make proper braille. I've also heard, in the same ad, that there was raised print, which wouldn't qualify as braille exactly. Regardless, I took the plunge and should get my shirt any day now.

Incidentally, if you're interested in getting one of these shirts, while they last, you can order one from this secure web page.

I suppose this could fit in the series of posts on Dallas. So order your shirt, and show it off at convention with pride. If you're interested in exactly what goes on at The ticket, then click here to listen to The Ticket online. Enjoy.

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  1. To follow up on my own post, I did receive the T-Shirt and yes, Braille was on it. They used uncontracted Braille, but its definitely there. Cool!