Tuesday, May 2

Rebuilding Begins

Greetings. For those that have not heard, or couldn't access, my latest audio post from last Friday, note the following: last week, my main hard drive decided to fail. When I took my computer to work, I learned this from one of my coworkers. I was able to go to a nearby computer store and get a new drive, 160 GB in size, and have it put in by said coworker. Yesterday, he was able to put the initial software on my computer, such as computer applications, drivers, JAWS, etc. I brought my computer home yesterday afternoon and have begun the lengthy process of rebuilding. This has happened to me before, in different circumstances and from different causes, about two years ago, so the process is a familiar one to me, though tedious. I say all this to say that: if you don't hear from me immediately, then don't be too concerned. I've got my email setup again, so I'll be able to respond that way again, which is good. After a week of not having access, when I pulled my email down from the ISP's server, I had 1100 messages, half of which were spam. On top of putting the initial stuff back on my system, I'm getting things ready for my parents, who are coming to see me this weekend from Dallas (they're back in the good old USA), so I'll be busy either way this week.

I'll write something more substantial when I have the time, :) Until then, ...

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