Sunday, October 26

Get prepared for Louis's birthday

Greetings. I received the following note from National Braille Press via their email announcements list. Enjoy.


Louis Turns 200!

National Braille Press has been busy planning a virtual birthday party
in anticipation of Louis Braille's bicentennial this January 4th. We're
sending this notice out early, so you have time to help us spread the
word about a genius inventor.

First, we commissioned artist Judith Krimski to design a new image of
Louis that would respect his place in history and illuminate the
vitality of his vision today. Her stunning Louis icon appears on almost
every Bicentennial commemorative item listed below.

Read about the icon image here:

Next, we designed a half-dozen, low-cost items that you can use to
spread the word about Louis's Bicentennial --starting today and
throughout 2009! All of these items can be purchased at our new website

Louis Lapel Pins. Our goal is to have everyone who cares about Louis
wearing his lapel pin this January 4th-and every other day! It even has
teeny-tiny braille letters across the bottom. Get your whole company to
participate! $5 each, plus shipping.

Louis Note Cards. Keep in touch with friends and family with these
gorgeous 4.25" x 5" note cards. Includes 10 cards and envelopes in a
sturdy card box: $7.99 for the set, plus shipping.

Bicentennial Wall Poster. Perfect for any classroom, this beautifully
illustrated 12.25" x 17" poster celebrates the life and achievements of
Louis Braille with images from France. Free-you pay for shipping only.

Print/braille Bookmarks. Perfect for the classroom, library or the
office, these colorful bookmarks feature our Louis image and facts about
his life. In packages of 30 for $8, or 50 for $12, plus shipping.

Braille Key Chains. These unique gold-plated coin key chains measure
1.5" in diameter. On one side, the words "Louis Braille 1809" appear in
braille, and the reverse side shows hands reading braille and the words
"Braille Opens Doors" Designed and produced by Paul and Bernie Dressell:
$5, plus shipping.

Tactile Louis. Commemorate the 200th birthday of Louis with this signed
and numbered, limited edition, ivory-colored, cast resin plaque,
sculpted by tactile artist Ann Cunningham. Hang it on a wall or display
it on the wire stand that comes with each plaque: $45, plus shipping.

Whatever you do, celebrate Braille. These make great holiday gifts!
All these commemorative mementos are available at

To order any items or books, send payment to:
NBP, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115-4302
Or call and charge it: toll-free (800) 548-7323 or (617) 266-6160 ext
20. Or order any of our books online at

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