Thursday, October 16

OverDrive and the Stream

Greetings. I received the following announcement yesterday from the Stream Newswire regarding playing books from OverDrive on the Stream. Read and enjoy.

Dear Victor Reader Stream Friends:

Overdrive (, the popular service that provides recorded audio books that can be downloaded from many public libraries, has recently began offering some audio books in MP3 format. We have been receiving queries about whether these new MP3 books can be played on the Stream. The answer is yes. You may download them to a sub folder within the Other Books bookshelf of the Stream.

Author and technology reviewer, Anna Dresner who wrote the popular NBP book, "A Pocketful of Sound" has published an article on her blog about Overdrive's new MP3 books and how to play them on your Stream. The article can be found at:

The Pocketful of Sound book which is a comprehensive review of portable media players including the Stream can be obtained from National Braille Press. For more information visit:
Thank you,
The HumanWare Team

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