Thursday, October 9

Got my radio upgrade

Greetings. As I write this, I'm listening to crystal clear music from my new Sirius radio. This is quite a thing for me, not just because it's Sirius, but because previously, radio listening consisted of either listening to a Walkman or my clock radio. I've been looking for an alternative to these options, especially since neither of them really received stations very well. I've heard that reception on the first floor of my complex isn't very good, for whatever reason.

Thanks to my stay at The Seeing Eye and of getting the chance to preview Sirius for free, I've become addicted. I went to Best Buy last weekend to look at various receivers and radios, and then came home and purchased the equipment from Amazon. Thanks to FedEx shipping, I received the receiver 2 days ago, and the Boom Box radio today. So now I've got music coming from the radio, which is on the night stand by my bed, and I can move about through my apartment and still hear the radio.

The big thing about Sirius, aside from the commercial free music channels, that I'm looking forward to are the numerous play-by-play sporting events broadcasted through the week, especially the NFL games on Sundays. The music channels aren't that bad either since there's a great variety of music, and the music played is everything from current radio hits to songs you haven't heard for years. This probably would have made a great Santa gift, but since I had the money, a gift certificate, and most of all the strong desire, not to mention much of the NFL season remaining, I went ahead and got it now. presets? Already got all but one of the 11 set. However, since there's a "Go to channel" button that allows you to type in the three digit channel number and then instantly goes there, the presets are almost not needed.

This weekend's going to be fun listneing to all the variety of stuff, including sports. Were I not so working minded, I might entertain the thought of skipping work tomorrow just to stay home and listen to the new radio. However, i am very work minded. That doesnt' mean though that I won't race out the door at 5:00 approaches. I might even take a cab just to get home quicker than the bus. Talk later, ... maybe, :)

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