Thursday, June 15

C.A.R.S. Activities in Dallas

The below email announcement comes from a new division in the National Federation of the Blind. These activities will take place during the upcoming NFB convention in Dallas in a couple of weeks. Enjoy.


As some of you may know, and for those who don't, The NFB has a new
division for those who have an interest in motor vehicles. The C.A.R.S
Division of the NFB, which stands for,Classic,Antique, Rods, and Special
interest, was formed last year in Louisville at national convention for
those who are interested in vehicles. We would like to invite you to come
and check out our activities, and join us in our love of all things

Below you will see what we have planned. We've put a lot of work into this
and hope you'll come and enjoy what we've done. Even if you only have a
passing interest in vehicles, I hope you'll find something of interest
here, and help support the NFB's new division. So without further
ramblings, Here's what we have planned so far.

We will be selling 10 different models. 5 different cars that are about 6
inches long (1/32 scale). There will be a 51 ford crestline, 48 Lincoln
continental, 31 ford model A roadster, 25 model T, and a 49 ford woody
station wagon.
These will sell for around $12. and there will be 25 of each model. They
are very detailed for the price with opening doors hoods and in some cases
We will also be selling 5 different models that are about 12 inches long.
(1/18 scale) These will be, a 1917 REO touring car, a 38 Cadillac sedan, a
38 Buck century convertible, a 50 GMC pickup, and I can't remember what
the last one was. The larger cars will sell for between $35, and $50. There
will be 25 each of these too. All of these are really nice models. I have
several of them in my collection. These are super detailed with engine
wiring, spare tires in the trunks when needed, opening doors hoods and I
think in a couple of places, even opening glove boxes, and such.
In fact I'm the one who supplied the contact info for getting them, so you
know they're quality units.
On sunday we'll be having a Harley Davidson club come and display their
motorcycles for all to see, and give a presentation at our meeting sunday
night. This isn't a biker gang, they're older owners of Harleys. hehe
On Wednesday afternoon we'll be having an antique car show with over 40
cars from various antique car clubs, including a Cadillac club, the antique
car club of America, the veteran car club of America and 2 model A clubs.
we'll have gloves for people to wear so they can touch the cars and really
get a chance to look them over. some of these folks will give a talk to us
at our meeting on Tuesday night, along with a rep from Ford motor company.
We'll also have newspaper and TV coverage of the car show. We're also going
to make a video of the events which will go into the NFB records. Blind and
a car lover? well, we're here to tell ya. hehe Even Mrs Jernigan is excited
about all the things we're doing. Not bad for a brand new division eh?
We're very enthusiastic about this. I hope you'll come and join us gear
heads and take a trip down Memory Road.
Well, these are the details as far as I know them. If I hear any more, I'll
pass it along. Hope to see you in Dallas.
Rick W Canode
2nd vice president
C A R S Division
National Federation of the Blind

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