Wednesday, June 21

JAWS 7.1 is Out

Greetings. Just in time for the summer conventions, JAWS 7.1 is out. It is a free update for those with version 7. Read more about this release and download your copy from the JAWS 7.1 page at Freedom Scientific.

After promoting this update for several months and going through 5 different beta cycles, this should be a good release. The next task will be to get JAWS working with Vista. FS will have additional time on that front though since the new Microsoft operating system is not set to be released, in consumer form, until early next year. For now, enjoy the current update of JAWS with lots of bug fixes and enhancements.

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  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Hi. I am now using the final release of JAWS version 7.1, and I really like it. I caution those of you who have installed the beta of Internet Explorer 7, however, to stay with JAWS versions 6.x or prior. The reason for this is that the IE7 beta is not yet supported by Freedom Scientific. I found this out the hard way. I upgraded to the beta of IE7 when I was using one of the betas of JAWS 7.1, and there are a couple problems in Forms Mode. The first is that when navigating text with the arrow keys, several of the characters are left out and have to be inserted. The other problem occurs when trying to navigate a combo box. The selections are not announced at all, even with first-letter navigation. When I emailed FS software support about this, I got back a response telling me that this new IE beta was not yet supported. So I have since uninstalled the IE7 beta and gone back to IE6. Everything is back to normal now.