Saturday, June 10

Mental Photo Album

Greetings. Its kind of unusual for me to be this coherent on a Saturday morning, since I'm usually barely awake or catching up on sleep. Make no mistake, after this is posted, I'll probably head back to bed. However, I felt somewhat reflective earlier and thought I'd submit this.

I was reading over the blog entries for my friend from Houston One Graham's View, looking for a particular link he had put up some time ago, and getting caught up in the memories.

I'm sure some blind people have photo albums, but by their nature, photo albums don't seem like the kinds of things that a blind person could get something out of. Oh sure, I'll probably have the obligatory album at some point, with pictures of myself and hopefully my family in them. However, for me at least, I get more enjoyment out of reading about things rather than looking at them. Besides, when you read something, you can create your own picture in your mind of how you think it should look, rather than the way it might actually look in the photo. As I was reading over the entries for OGV, I was remembering.

Though he hasn't made an entry in about 2 months, due to his new full time job no doubt (and I certainly know how that goes; I feel fortunate making these weekend posts as it is), it was cool reading over his past entries. That's a trip down memory lane, as they say, to read over entries from as much as a year ago and read what was happening and what people thought at the time. Indeed, the same emotions well up in me if I read over my own blog entries, remembering the highs an lows of a given time period.

So, in closing, even though I might not have a photo album, I think I've got something better in this blog. I have no idea how many people might read this on a daily or weekly basis. While that information might be neat to know at some point, that's not why I write this blog. No, I write it to chronicle my life and things I think are interesting. Hopefully they are interesting for the reader as much as they are to me. And, I suppose, I also chronicle them for myself, so I can go back and read a written record of what happened at certain points.

Quite reflective for this time of day, :) Well, I've got a couple of other ideas for posts later today or tomorrow. We'll see what develops until then. For now though, enjoy reading this blog or any other blog and going through that mental photo album.

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