Saturday, June 10

A New and Bizarre Net station

Greetings. Below is information on a new and interesting Internet broadcasting station. Remember earlier I was talking about mental photo albums? Well, this station takes that to a new level, combining sound effects and creating chaotic results. When I listen to it, I can imagine a dog attacking a car, then the car's alarm goes off, and the dog starts whining. You too can get these same images, and many others like it, by tuning in below. The addresses given are not links, since you will need to paste them into your media player's open location dialog. Write privately or through the public comments feature if you would like instructions on how to do this. Enjoy.

What is FX Radio? Well, it's a concept that Derek Lane and I came up
with last summer when we were both rather bored.
Basically, it's the result of what happens when you load three
instances of winamp equipped with crossfaders, then load a whole ton
of high quality sound effects libraries into each winamp, making
sure, of course, that everything is randomized.
The sequence of events that can happen as a result of this are
rather strange, and many interesting things can happen to your mind
as a result of listening to the random combinations of odd things that occur.

Have you ever seen a bird driving a car under water, all the while
being shot at by a telephone? Or, perhaps, little kids playing in
underwater construction sites? How about frogs that make things
explode, sheep making things blow up, or machine guns blasting
through a calm cafe, all the while everyone seems to be oblivious to
the fact that they are being shot at, and, in fact, don't seem to
mind very much?
All these things can and have been known to happen on FX Radio, all
sound effects, all the time, 24 hours a day!

To tune in, you will need a streaming media player compatible with
AAC+ streaming, such as Winamp (5.1 or higher, except 5.22 which has
a bug that breaks AAC streams), VLC Mediaplayer, or Foobar 2000.

If you have a compatible player, go to one of the following addresses:


Note: If you are using the Thompson mp3 pro decoder for Winamp, the
shoutcast stream will not work unless it is disabled. The icecast
feed will, however, since the .aac extention will not be passed off
to the mp3 pro decoder.

The bandwidth is low enough such that you can listen with either a
dial-up or broadband connection. Either way, you'll still get the
same great quality that AAC+ streaming provides.

Also, as the shoutcast server is on port 80, this means you can
listen to FX Radio behind any proxy server that only allows access
to http, such as universities and other institutions. Yes, a nice
distraction during class might be good, don't you think?
Why not freak out your friends, classmates or co-workers while
you're at it? Maybe all of the above?

Close your eyes, put on some headphones, tune in, and get ready for
a very strange, and altogether different experience!
It's FX Radio! No, really?

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