Sunday, June 11

My Mavs Theory

Greetings. As we get ever closer to game 2 in the NBA Finals, I'd like to offer up my theory on why the Mavericks will win it all.

Granted, Dirk, Stack, Harris, Avery and the rest are the best around at what they do; granted, the Mavs have depth; granted they have proven that they can match up against any sort of setup any team has (go back and consider the teams leading up to the Finals); we've got all that as sound sports reasoning as to why the Mavericks will win the Finals. However, my reasoning is a lot simpler than all that. They'll win because I'm not living there anymore.

In 1999, when the Stars won the Stanley Cup, I was in Colorado getting training at the Colorado Center for the Blind. Now, I'm in Austin at a new job, and I think they'll win. As for the Cowboys, when they won their 3 Superbowls, well, I was growing up in Dallas at the time, so that doesn't count. Besides, I was still in high school. I'm counting the time after high school graduation, :)

And anyway, even though my personal theory might seem flemsy, which it very well might be, consider the sports reasoning mentioned above, and that balances it out. Hey, I had to offer up my own spin on this. After all, one of the Dallas teams is that close to winning another championship! And it couldn't have come to a better or more deserving team. I can't think of a better cap to a 60 and 22 season, much less to a team that's never won it before. I just wish I were still in Dallas to witness the chaos and all the stuff that surrounds an NBA Finals series. Then again, I might jinks them if I were.

One more thing: if the Mavs do win it all and bring another championship to Dallas, hopefully that will help reduce the Dallas sports bias that has hung around the past number of years. It seems like whenever a Dallas team is good or in a playoff run, there is some sort of bias among the media where the particular team is not mentioned as much as the competitive team. Or, that they are looked down upon, for whatever reason. Perhaps its because JFK was shot here, but that was more than 40 years ago. I don't know where the bias comes from, but I hope that it goes away soon. Dallas really has some great tallent which deserves attention. If you need further proof of a bias against Dallas, consider the number of Cowboys that have gotten into the NFL's Hall of Fame during the Superbowl, verses those that have been up for consideration.

Anyway, go Mavs!

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