Friday, December 16

24 Hours Later

Greetings. Well, its been an exciting 24 hours. It seems odd that all this started yesterday afternoon at 1:30 with the offer, almost like a dream. I suppose that it might be like that a few times over the next month and a half.

Anyway, I've received quite a few congratulatory calls and emails from various people around the country, which is cool and appreciated. I followed up a couple of apartment recommendations from the technology manager at Criss Cole, and the apartments look like a good deal. They're definitely ones I'll make note of and check out. One complex is literally 4 blocks north of the center, on a bus line, near shopping and restaurants, and has good rent for what I'm looking for. The other complex is not within walking distance, but is on a bus line, near a mall, restaurants, small grocery store, and other things. The big reason why this second complex stands out for me is that several of the staff live there that work at the Center. Rent also looks good. Anyway, I'll definitely check both places when I go to Austin in January to check places out.

I had lunch with a friend from church. I guess that's another benefit of getting a job: everyone wants to take you to lunch or dinner, which isn't that bad either, grin. Anyway, it's kind of funny with this particular church friend. We've said ever since I moved into the efficiency that we were going to go out to lunch, but for whatever reason, we never did. Now, I'm getting ready to move to Austin and I get lunch out of him. Oh well. It was fun all the same.

Given the good thoughts and things that have happened in the first 24 hours, I'm inclined to wonder what might happen in the next 24 or 48 hours? Though I'm thinking that the pace of things will probably likely slow down a little--or maybe not, :)

Last night I had trouble getting to sleep, since every time I would get comfortable, I would think of the job and get excited all over again and wake myself up. There's a good possibility of that happening again in the next month or so as well. Though I hope it doesn't happen too many times, else I won't get any sleep, :)

So, this is the excited Wayne, signing off.

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