Wednesday, December 21

Funny Dog Article

Greetings. I was organizing my email today and came across this funnny article in a message from several months ago. It's worth the read though. Enjoy.

This article is from the Fictitious times. It's fascinating. You won't
see it anywhere else.

Blind Dogs Sue dog Guide Schools
By Sherry Lens

Washington--A number of organizations composed of blind dogs and other
interested independent dogs today announced that they would sue the major
dog guide schools in the United States for discrimination against blind
dogs who apply to be dog guides.

"We just can't be considered as things are now," said Kay Wolf, head of
the National Federation of Blind Dogs. "As soon as schools find out we're
blind, they disqualify us." Kay pointed out, and demonstrated how dogs
can travel using canes which they hold in their mouths at a press

"We can do just as good a job finding obstacles as sighted dogs," said
Roofus Woofer, President of The American Council of blind Dogs. "we can
use canes, our hearing and our sense of smell to lead blind people around
obstacles, find streets, and all the other things dog guides do. We're
blind, that doesn't mean we're helpless," he continued. "what sort of
message does it send to blind people when dog guide schools reject blind
dogs to be dog guides?"

"this is a potentially milestone case," said Allen Dirthawitch, professor
of law at Hale University. "These dogs are attempting to have the courts
extend civil rights legislation to classes other than people."

Dog guide schools responded today that they have no intention of
discriminating. "These are very difficult, demanding jobs," said Hugh
Huxter, head of one of the nations most prestigious dog guide schools.
Even sighted dogs find their duties taxing."

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