Thursday, December 15

Exciting Job News

Greetings. It's been an interesting week on the job front. The mountain top however was a call I got this afternoon at about 1:30, from the technology manager who's hiring for the job at the state training center in Austin. He officially made an offer to me, which I accepted. I will start on February 1. There are still a detail or two that need to be worked out to make it totally official, but he doesn't expect any problems, and neither do I.

I've been spending the afternoon emailing and calling family and close friends and telling them of the great news, as well as trying to digest it myself. The reason the start date is a ways off is due to some delays that have happened in this process. However, now I've come full circle.

I have been a consumer that has gone to this particular training center, twice in fact. Now, I'll be standing in front of the room and teaching people who are consumers. Things will really seam weird I think when the high school and college students come in next June for the summer college preparation course that they have every year. So when a young kid looks over and proclaims, "You have no idea what I'm going through," I can confidently reply with, "Wanna bet?"

There's a lot of things to do and prepare for in the time before I start, like finding an apartment, moving, settling in, and countless others. However, for now, I'm just enjoying the thought of having a full time job with a good starting salary, full benefits, and, well, the thought of being employed again.

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