Thursday, December 8

Weather Update

Greetings. Thought I'd give a weather update on the massive storm system that hit the Dallas area. Well, true to form, the area is shut down. Since I'm out of school, I didn't really pay attention to the school closings, but as it happened, many schools and districts did close today. Mainly, there's just ice onn the roads, lawns, and possibly some sidewalks.

My parents came back from Guatemala yesterday for the Christmas season and I went with them over to Neil and Brandy's new house for dinner. My mother was very concerned about the steps at my duplex icing up and my safety in going down them with Tony when I took him out this morning. I assured her that I'd be careful and take things slow. As it turned out though, the steps didn't really ice over too much, at least not to the point of being as slick as glass, which I've seen before a few times at other places (remember my Denton story yesterday?). I was careful, but I also was amused by how little ice there was.

One other thing about the weather and news people from yesterday. I heard one of them say that this was, "the first snow of the season." I nearly burst out laughing and said to the radio, "Yeah, and we sure do get lots of snow down here." Truthfully, this will probably be our only big winter storm for the season. We might have another small one in February, as has happened in the past few years, but remember, we are talking about Dallas. My parents told me last night that I'd be a good weatherman, and I replied with, "Why? Because I would be truthful and realistic?"

It is another cold day though and I suspect that most people are spending the day inside, under the covers, under quilts, or even by fireplaces. As it is, I've got the heat turned up a lot in my efficiency, am fully clothed, and am still cold sitting at my computer desk, for whatever reason. Oh well. It's supposed to be in the forties tomorrow and in the fifties and sixties over the weekend. That's Texas weather for you, :)

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