Saturday, December 31

Pet Care Recommendation

Greetings. I wanted to offer a recommendation for a site to order pet care products from. You can get products and medications for your dog, cat, or horse, and possibly other pets too. The site is Pet Meds. They also have a phone number which is very easy to remember: 1-800-pet-meds, or 1-800-738-6337. Their site is very accessible and easy to use. They have categories of products you can browse through or a search field to go directly to that item you're looking for.

The big thing that impressed me about this site was the ship time. I ordered some more of the Frontline Plus flea medicine for Tony a couple of days ago. Earlier this morning, there was a knock on my door, but no one was there. When I opened the door though and stepped out, I found a box on my front stoop. When I opened it, I found the flea medicine inside. So, from the time I ordered it on Thursday and it was sent on the same day, it only took a couple of days. The site uses USPS priority mail for their standard shipping method, though you can choose another method (for extra cost) if you like. And, for orders more than $40 I believe, they offer free shipping. I consider this a definite reason to return to the site.

Anyway, after this first experience, I highly recommend Pet Meds. For those wondering, the Frontline Plus from Pet Meds saved me a good $12 or $13 verses buying it at the vet. And I bought a 3-month supply. They also offer 6 and 12 month supplies too. In the check out process, they offer to send you a reminder to get more medicine. You can choose what month you want the reminder in. I consider this a great additional service, since we all know how busy we can get. Plus, they give you a free dog bone or cat nip in the box with your product. I'm not sure if this is done for all products or just the flea medicine, but cool all the same. The dog bone is about the size of the average milk bone or treat you'd see in a pet store, maybe a little longer, but not too much.

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