Thursday, January 29

Happy Birthday Seeing Eye

Greetings. I received the following email from The Seeing Eye today. AS it happens, this afternoon at work, we had our annual party for Louis Braille. I told my team and my morning class what the significance of today was, not just for The Seeign Eye, but also because The SeeingEye helped bring the guide dog movement to the U.S. and helped all the other schools start up. I encouraged everyone to remember The Seeing Eye when they got their piece of Louis Braille cake that was served this afternoon.

Anyway, here's the announcement from The Seeing Eye regarding their 80th birthday. Enjoy.

Dear Seeing Eye Graduate:

Happy Anniversary! Today, January 29, is the 80th Anniversary of The Seeing Eye, and we hope you, as a Seeing Eye graduate, will join in this celebration.
The staff and several Seeing Eye retirees gathered for a special anniversary lunch today, but we’ve been planning activities that will extend the celebration
throughout this year.

I want to share a great idea from one retiree, Pete Lang, who has a plan to spread the celebration across all of the United States and Canada. As members
of The Seeing Eye family, you and all of our graduates have key roles to play in implementing Pete’s idea. Please enjoy the following letter from Pete:

Dear Graduates:

It is hard to believe that I have been retired from The Seeing Eye for 18 months. I do visit the school frequently and really enjoy meeting with graduates
and staff, as well as seeing our wonderful dogs! The Seeing Eye will always have a special place in my heart.

Of course, this year is a special time for all of our Seeing Eye family, as we are celebrating the 80th anniversary of the incorporation of our school.
As I reflect on my 43-year career at The Seeing Eye, I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to our founder, Mrs. Dorothy Harrison Eustis; Jack Humphrey,
the first trainer; and, of course, Morris Frank and “Buddy”. It was their vision, hard work and devotion to the cause that brought to life the miracle
of The Seeing Eye.

Our date of incorporation was January 29, 1929, and we will be celebrating our anniversary for the full year of 2009. We are planning a number of special
events, including a graduate reunion which will take place at the Hyatt Hotel in Morristown on August 21-22. We look forward to seeing as many of our graduates
and dogs as may be able to join us at the grand party in August.

In the meantime, we are inviting every graduate from the United States, Canada and any other place in the world to join us in observing this milestone.
It is a celebration of our history as well as a celebration of your life with your Seeing Eye dog. Therefore, we are asking you to plan your own special
event with family, friends, other Seeing Eye graduates, church groups, service organizations, school functions or others. It may be a pizza party at home,
a dinner out with friends, a presentation to an interested group or something else of your choosing. You may want to coordinate your dog’s birthday with
the special event to make it a double celebration.

All of your friends at The Seeing Eye join me in sending you and your dogs hearty congratulations for the celebration of your life together!

Best Wishes,

Pete Lang

We all enjoyed seeing Pete and other retirees at today’s lunch, and although his wife, Jane, was unable to attend, Pete tells us that Jane is planning
her own festivities with Seeing Eye dog Clipper.

Please let us know about your special plans by sending them to Ramona Ugalde in the Communications Department or by emailing
. Include pictures, if you can. We are interested in knowing the nature of your event, when and where it took place, how many people participated, and your
reactions to the entire event. It is our hope that all 50 states and the provinces of Canada will be represented in this celebratory year. We look forward
to hearing from you. Your responses will provide us with daily celebrations, and will create a legacy of memories for this special year.

Again, Happy 80th Anniversary!


Jim Kutsch
President & CEO
The Seeing Eye

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