Saturday, January 17

Omni 6.2 maintenance release

Greetings. For those that have the PAC Mate Omni from Freedom Scientific, you might be interested to know that a maintenance release was put out a couple of days ago. This is not a major release, just some bug fixes and other small enhancements. If none of the following fixes/enhancements offer anything to you, then you can probably skip this one. The issues addressed are as follows:

• Added support for new non-PCL based HP printers.
View a list of compatible printers.
• Corrected an issue with Printing documents from FSEdit using a Bluetooth equipped printer.
• Added the ability to emboss via the infrared port.
• Corrected an intermittent problem where the PAC Mate would not always turn on after being left off for a period of time.
• Continued refinements and enhancements of global contracted braille entry and Unified English Braille Code (UEBC) support.

To download the update and read other related information, then visit this page to get the Omni 6.2 maintenance release. Enjoy.

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