Monday, January 26

Update on proposed DOJ changes

Greetings. I just received this from a guide dog related email list and thought it appropriate to share. The bottom line: I suppose that those with exotic or other types of domestic service animals can continue to use their animals to serve themselves, until some point in the future. I do hope that the regulations are acted upon by the appropriate entities, since it would very much narrow the field of perspective service animals that could be used. Enjoy.

Proposed ADA Regulations Withdrawn from OMB Review

On January 21, 2009, the Department of Justice notified the Office of
Management and Budget (OMB) that the Department has withdrawn its draft
final rules to amend the Department's regulations implementing title
II and title III from the OMB review process. This action was taken in
response to a memorandum from the President's Chief of Staff directing
the Executive Branch agencies to defer publication of any new
regulations until the rules are reviewed and approved by officials
appointed by President Obama. No final action will be taken by the
Department with respect to these rules until the incoming officials have
had the opportunity to review the rulemaking record. Incoming officials
will have the full range of rule-making options available to them under
the Administrative Procedure Act.

Withdrawal of the draft final rules does not affect existing ADA
regulations. Title II and title III entities must continue to follow the
Department's existing ADA regulations, including the ADA Standards for
Accessible Design.

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