Saturday, January 17

VR Stream and Book Share

Greetings. I received the following announcement from the Victor Reader Stream Newswire yesterday regarding the recent launch of the new website. For those that use BookShare, you might find this information of interest. Enjoy.


Dear Victor Reader Stream Friends:

The launch of the new site has prevented playback of the DAISY version of Bookshare books on the Stream. In preparing the new site Bookshare
needed to reprocess their books to accomodate new external book sources to support their expanded services. This reprocessing caused a problem with the
DAISY version of their books which they have now corrected. If you re-download your book from it should now play on your Stream.

Also, with the new zip format for the book many of you have noticed some new files that are present in the DAISY version of the book. These
include files ending in .css, xsl, and DTD. You have asked if these files are required by the Stream. The answer is no but they require such a small amount
of space that you do not need to remove them from your SD card. It is ok to unzip all the files of the DAISY zip file into a sub-folder of
$VRDTB. These new files will not affect the Stream.

Thank you,
The HumanWare Team

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  1. wayne this is missy can you email me please; I am having trouble with my new stream...I can't seem to xfer files to the right folders. You know I am not stupid. If you could email me back with some sort of resource that I can use or tell me how to listen ti books I would be soooo greatful! ty