Thursday, January 22

Jeff Bishop and guide dog training

Greetings. when reading through my daily round of blogs a few days ago, I came across a reference to Jeff Bishop's blog and podcast. I had had Jeff's podcast listed on the Blogs to Watch page of my site for a long time now, but have gotten an error whenever I visited that site. Since I didn't have an address to replace the old one with, I just left it up there. However, there was a link to Jeff's current location, which I bookmarked. Incidentally, anyone who has read Jeff's blog/podcast in the past knows just how often he changed hosts/providers for his blog. It's not too much of a stretch to say that it was almost like a fashion queen changing hairstyles each week. Anyway, I've been reading Jeff Bishop's blog this week, which has his daily journal of him training with his new guide dog. I'm not sure how many dogs he has had in the past, but he went to The Seeing Eye for his last dog, which unfortunately passed away early this month. For whatever reason, he's gone over to the dark side (kidding) and now is attending the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus in Boring, Oregon. It's neat reading someone else's journal of working with their new dog and it brings back all those memories for me of my time recently in training with Gucci. After reading his journal, I've also been reminded of the student that was in my little group at The Seeing Eye last August who was transferring from Guide Dogs for the Blind to Seeing Eye, in other words, just the opposite of Jeff. Interesting. Anyway, if you get into that kind of thing, then check out Jeff's blog. And, now that I have the current address, I'll be updating the reference on my blogs pages. Who knows; if that blog is updated regularly, I might even list it in the "Blogs to Watch" section on this page. Enjoy.

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