Sunday, January 18

Upcoming innauguration most accessible ever

Greetings. I've come across some information about the upcoming Obama innauguration that makes the claim that it's going to be the most accessible ever, both at the event and on TV. Read the blog post called Tuesday's Inauguration the Most Accessible for People with Disabilities in History from the Penny For Your Thoughts blog. I've read that there's even been an accessible guide to the innauguration that's been produced in Braille. A limited number, around 150, of these were produced, but apparently they give an accurate description of the ceremonies, the parade route, and other related innaugural information. These will be given out at some point before or during the events on Tuesday. I'm not going to D.C. for the events, but I'd love to have one of those Brailled guides.

Whether you agree with the President-Elect Obama's thoughts and views or not, it's hard to argue with the large effort to make this series of events accessible to all. Unfortunately, accessibility is often the exception rather than the rule in special cases like these, however hopefully this will be the launching point for more accessibility at future innaugurations and other events to come.

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