Monday, February 9

Another Gmail innovation

Greetings. When reading the entry today on the Official Gmail Blog, I'm struck by the thought of, "Why haven't they done this before?" Yet, it does stretch the bounds of managing contacts and calendar information. The entry is called Sync your contacts and calendar with your phone. Though it's in beta, or public testing phase, this proves to be a useful tool. I continue to fervantly hope that the Gmail folk will carry over more of these useful features to those of us using the Basic HTML interface of Gmail. Though many of their "labs" features are eye candy, there are a few that I'd like to be able to use. At any rate, this new beta from the Gmail populous looks to be quite useful for one and all. If for no other reason than so we can have a backup of data on the web as well as on our mobile devices. If something were to ever happen to said devices, God forbid, there would be another place to look for that information. Enjoy.

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