Monday, February 16

Keep up to date with DAISY

Greetings. I received the following note from the Stream Newswire regarding keeping up to date with DAISY and the DAISY Consortium. Enjoy.


Dear Victor Reader Friends:

WE frequently receive DAISY related questions. To learn more about the DAISY NISO standard, its member organizations, technologies and tools for creating
and playing DAISY books, we invite you to visit the DAISY Consortium web site at:

To keep informed on DAISY projects, conferences, and activities worldwide as well as keep up to date on the DAISY marketplace you are  invited to subscribe
to the monthly DAISY Planet email newsletter at:

Back issues of the DAISY planet are also available at
The DAISY web site and DAISY Planet are great ways for you to learn more about DAISY and stay abreast of the latest DAISY news.

Thank you,
The HumanWare Team

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