Monday, February 9

Great Metallica news

Greetings. Though I don't post about Metallica very often, they have been and likely will be one of my fave bands for some time to come. At last night's Grammy awards, they received some recognition for their awesome work, "Death Magnetic." The following blurb is taken from their Metallica News email newsletter I received today. The whole newsletter wasn't all about this news, but it could have been. Anyway, here it is:

Not only did "Death Magnetic" pick up four Grammy nominations, but we are excited that the album won Best Recording Package and My Apocalypse won for Best
Metal Performance!

Congratulations Metallica, you deserve it!

Incidentally, if you missed one of their recent shows in the United States or want to relive the magic, then you can visit and purchase the recorded download of that show for $9.95 for the MP3 or $12.95 for the Flac version. CD labels and artwork are also available for each show. Live Metallica is a great way to experience the show without paying concert related prices. They've got recordings of all the band's shows going back to 2004, and usually the show is available between 24 and 48 hours after the concert. Enjoy.

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  1. Garland9:02 PM

    Great site, Wayne. As for Metallica, I love their older stuff, but the last couple albums have been less than stellar for me. But I love your site. I work for a state rehab agency in the Blind Services bureau. I am playing with NVDA, though the robotic voice is not nearly as pleasant as the more natural speaking voices you get in more cutting edge software, but alas it is indeed free which translates roughly into, "for some persons in the community, something is better than nothing."