Monday, February 2

What's new at ATIA

Greetings. If you missed the Assistive Technology Industry Association, or ATIA, conference last week in Orlando, Serotek has put together a nice little Collection of interviews from ATIA 2009. In all, 35 different short itnerviews were done with Michael Lauf from Serotek and the SeroTalk podcast, talking to various vendors at the ATIA conference. With the launch of SAM Net Radio on January 28, Serotek opened up their mikes for anyone to come and promote their products. And a wide variety of vendors showed up, from American Printing House for the Blind to companies that were showing producs for people with cognative disabilities, and all points in between. One big company that was noticeably absent was Freedom Scientific, for whatever reason. They freely promoted their own ATIA sessions in their January podcast, FS Cast, but they didn't show up to promote the beta of JAWS for 64 bit OS's. Weird. However, their competitors, such as GW Micro and HumanWare, did show up and promote themselves. perhaps they're saving something for CSUN in March? At any rate, hear all these interviews or only the ones you're interested in from this collection. Enjoy.

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