Saturday, February 28

PAC Mate Omni and YouTube

Greetings. I came across this tidbit for the PAC Mate Omni in my Inbox and thought it might be worht putting here. I haven't tried this myself. This is taken from an email to the Gui-Talk discussion list, one of many lists run through the NFB Net list serve. Links are provided where appropriate. Enjoy.


Yes! You can access YouTube videos using a Pac mate Omni. This is the
first Blindness Note Taker that will support this using off the shelf
programs available to any Windows Mobile user. There are 2 programs you
need to install. Both are completely free. Please note: I do not know if
this will work on Pac Mate 4.1 or earlier. I have only tested this on
Omni with the 6.2 upgrade.

To listen to YouTube content on your pack mate download the following

Copy these files to your Pac mate either directly Via USB or onto a
flash card and install them. Once they're installed you should do a warm
reset of the Pac Mate.

Your start menu now has a new item: Video Sites. Launch this and select
YouTube from the list.

To play a video press enter on the link. You will be given several
choices. Press enter on Play Video. When the download is complete TCPMP
will launch and you should start hearing audio. If you don't try
pressing enter to start playback.

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