Monday, February 23

Stream Companion software update

Greetings. I received the following note from the Stream Newswire earlier today. Though you can transfer items back and forth from your Stream without the Stream Companion Software, many people like the software since it gives a different, and perhaps easier, interface to the boring old My Computer interface. Or, perhaps someone is wary of "mesing something up" in My Computer, so they use the companion software. Whatever the reason, read below of an update that will be coming out soon for this software. Enjoy.


Dear Victor Reader Stream Friends:

We are receiving reports through our customer service and from NLS that some NLS books are not transferring properly when using the Stream Companion program to copy the book from your computer to the Stream storage card. We have made corrections to the new version of the Companion program that will correct these issues.

The new Companion program will also be able to transfer the new ZIP book formats from

These and other improvements will all be part of a new Companion program to be released in a month or so. It will be announced on this newswire. Please encourage anyone who wants to receive this and other announcements to register to the Stream Newswire at:

Thank you,
The HumanWare Team

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