Tuesday, September 20


Greetings. Well, let me first say that I'd normally be at work today, but I'm expecting my PAC Mate to be returned at some point today. So I was able to switch my days to be here to receive it. Since it has been gone for about 3 weeks or so, I am really going to be glad to have it back.

Anyway, staying home today gave me a chance to watch Monday Night Football last night. And, for the majority of the game, I was glad that I could watch it. That is until the last 4 minutes. I understand it was hot and the players on both sides of the ball, were getting tired, but come on guys! Dallas had a lead of 13-0 until the last 4 minutes, at which point Roy Williams missed some key coverage on Moss for Washington, and there you have the game. Dallas lost another game that went down to the final minute of play, but it didn't have to. As a result, we lost by one point. I guess the current players enjoyed the half time celebrations a little too much.

Oh well. Its only one loss in a 16 game season, but it hurts. The next game is San Francisco, which should be easy, but then again, this one was supposed to be. Just proves that the NFL of today is different than the NFL of years gone by.

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