Tuesday, September 27

Press Release: NBP to Offer Book Downloads

Greetings. Here's another press release, this time from National Braille Press. This is very exciting. Personally, I think that it's about time they offered something like this. Read more below. Enjoy, and when you're done reading, go to their site, order some books, and download them immediately!

Note: the term "Port-a-book" refers to Braille Formatted files (.BRF), which can be read on most note takers, with OCR programs like Kurzweil or OpenBook, or other Braille to Print translating programs. Refer to the Blindness Resources page of my site to learn more.

NBP is pleased to announce a new, much-anticipated feature - you can now
purchase and download our books and magazines instantly from our

Downloading is easy: Just log in to our website and purchase books as
you normally would - but when you choose the format, choose "PortaBook
(Download)" from the format menu. After you've completed the purchase,
your books will be available immediately on a new "My Downloads" page.

If you subscribe to one of our magazines, Our Special or Syndicated
Columnists Weekly, you can now receive them as downloads as well!

When you subscribe, the most recent issue will appear on the My
Downloads page after your online purchase. Each time a new issue is
available, you will receive an email alert. Depending on your
preference, the email will either have the issue attached to it, or will
give you a link you can use to download the issue.

If you are a current subscriber to either OS or SCW (or if you'd like to
subscribe) and would like to start receiving the magazine as a download,
call Customer Service at 800-548-7323 (or 617-266-6160 ext. 20) to make
the change.

Here are some links to get you started:

Log in to your NBP account at

After you log in, your downloads will be available on the following

You can also find the My Downloads link on your Account page after you
log in:

And finally, get more help on our Downloads FAQ.

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