Monday, September 12

Recommendation for Remembering

Greetings. I didn't post this yesterday due to the emotions that I remembered and felt during the show, so pardon my tardiness. I saw a great show on the National Geographic Channel covering the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01. They did a great job of weaving all the events together that led up to the attacks and during the attacks. The show ran about 2 hours with few commercials, and will be available on September 23 I believe. The National Geographic Channel has set up a website with much of the information from the show, and more, including: timelines, audio and video sound clips, and much more. The site is called Inside 9/11, and as I said, the show had the same name. The show will be made available on both video and DVD. Actually, the DVD version is set to be a 2-disk set, so there's bound to be lots more information than just the show itself.

I'm not sure that I'd want to have a show like that in my collection. However, it was remarkable how well put together it was, with audio clips woven in from the pilots of the F-15 and the F-16 fighter planes, as well as some clips from the actual American and United planes used in the attacks. They also had what sounded like horrific images of the two towers, the Pentagon, and other things that I'm guessing weren't immediately made available from the government directly after the attacks. There was also lots of brief segments where the spouses of some of the people on the planes, spoke about the time leading up to the attacks, and what they went through. There were many segments with government officials, like the Speaker of the House, the Press Secretary, members of the press, and even the Vice President, and President Bush himself at the end.

Like I said before, it brought back many of the emotions that I and others had during that time. While I'm not sure I could stand to have that show in my video/DVD collection, it was so well produced and put together, how can I not? They would constantly say, "New York, 9:15 AM," and then talk about what happened at that precise moment in New York. There were many people profiled and mentioned, and even ordinary citizens that did what needed to be done. And I'm not just talking about the people on United Flight 93.

Again, I thought of putting this up yesterday, or even what I went through, but the emotions got the better of me. Besides, the Dallas Cowboys had their season opener, and that provided a nice distraction after the show was over.

I will say something that I did think yesterday though: even though Hurricane Katrina is still very much fresh in our minds and hearts, let's not, no, let's never forget about the horror; the tragedy; and the ultimate triumph that happened on and around 9/11. Its been 4 years since the events, and while I'm much more comfortable with them, its shows like Inside 9/11 that bring it all back, and help me remember all that happened, which is not a bad thing.

I may yet post what I went through on that day, and I might not. The bigger point that I want to make here is not to forget. Just like the hurricane and all the lives it has touched: "Donate, and don't forget."

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