Thursday, September 29

More Petra News and Fan Reaction

Greetings. I've been reading various stories/articles on the Petra site and some fan sites this week, and I was delighted to find out that Petra will do a farewell tour in select cities around the world, through the end of the year. Actually, I think there's talk of touring for a short time early next year in Europe, but nothing after that. If you'd like to go to a show, then check out They have all the information of where the band will be and you can order tickets through their site, or you can reach them by phone at (800) 965-9324, Mon-Fri.

Petra will be in the Dallas area on November 18, at Irving Bible Church. You can read more about the church and the event on their site.

After checking with one of my best friends (I've got two of them, :), I've got a friend to go with to the show.

In related Petra news, they will be making a recording during their show in Tennessee next Tuesday evening, to be released in a live CD (Nov. 22), and DVD form to be determined. Apparently there was enough of an outcry by their fans for them to decide to make the live album. Frankly, given that the first and currently only live disk was made back in 1986, I'll really be looking forward to this recording, and the DVD whenever that comes out.

For more fan reaction to the retirement, check out A Guide to Petra and Petra Rocks My World.

After reading some of the things on these sites, I was pleased that many people around the world felt much like I did when I heard the news. Also, its easy to see how much of a legacy Petra collectively, and the individual members at various times, have created for themselves and the Petra name.

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