Monday, September 19

HonorsNo One Will See

Greetings. Tonight, the Dallas Cowboys will honor 3 of their own, and arguably three of the best to play the game locally, and perhaps even nationally. That being Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith; the triplets. They will be inducted into the Cowboys' Ring of Honor. Aside from their individual accomplishments, if they had not been apart of the Cowboys of the early nineties, then its very likely that Dallas might not have gotten as many Super Bowls in those years.

Yes, they will be honored. However, for whatever reason, the NFL won't allow the local ABC affiliate to show the ceremonies during half time. I haven't heard the "actual" reason for this, but I think it has to do with the fact that not everyone wants to see the ceremony. I heard the main sportscaster, Dale Hanson, for the ABC affiliate, say on his radio show earlier this afternoon, that the local affiliate offered to have the ceremony or whatever ABC was airring, on another local channel, to try and please everyone. However, the NFL said, "No." Heck, the ceremony could even be shown on the NFL Network or any one of the many channels for ESPN, but this hasn't happened either. Though I hope that it will be replayed at some point down the road. At least give us that experience. Some have argued that the ceremony could have even been shown on the Dallas Cowboys channel that Comcast Cable had, but Comcast was told to end the channel, that it conflicted with coverage from the NFL Network. Never mind that if you look across the digital Cable and satellite fronts, you will see 5 or 6 channels that cover the same things but are named different, like Discovery, the Science channel; Nicalodeon, Disney, Nick 2, Nick JR.; and the list goes on. But, that's another topic all to its own.

I realize that not everyone will want to see, or perhaps even cares about, the ceremony honoring the triplets. What's really sad though is that pretty much the only people to witness the ceremonies will be the ones that are at Texas Stadium, and that's unfortunate. If you're interested in hearing the proceedings and can't get to the stadium, then I'd encourage you to tune into whatever local radio station carries the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network, with the great Brad Sham as play-by-play man, in your area. You can be sure that the radio network for the team will likely (though I'm not positive on this), carry the half time ceremonies in their entirety. It would really be unfortunate if the NFL told the radio network that they couldn't broadcast the events.

Again, I know you can't please everyone all the time, but let's have a little leadway for the community of the local team and at least allow them to watch their own ceremony. If you do tune into the radio network and listen to the proceedings, then I hope you enjoy them. I know I will. If however you miss them, well, I hope they will be repeated at some point somewhere on TV.

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