Tuesday, September 20

A Necessary Evil

Greetings. It's nearly 6 in the evening as I write this and I'm still waiting for my PAC Mate to return via UPS. I've determined that I hate UPS. True, they're a necessary evil, since they're a big shipper of packages. However, I really wish they gave you more of a window of when said package would arrive, instead of the vague "... between 9 and 7." That reminds me of the old joke: a guy asks a girl out, and tells her that he'll pick her up sometime between 8 AM and 4 PM.

As I approach the final hour of waiting, since I've heard that they can be here until 7 tonight, I'm more jumpy and tense than ever. My dog, Tony, probably thinks I'm crazy since I will either be watching TV or listening to the radio; stop because I thought I heard something; and then rush to the door of my efficiency to open it and listen, even though he knows there's no one there. Frustrating!

A necessary evil, but I really, really, really wish that they'd give you more of a narrow time frame, or at least morning or afternoon. Gees.

Until later, this is the impatient, tense, and anxious Wayne, signing off.

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  1. Karen and I obtained the telephone number to our local UPS package distribution center. Whenever we are expecting a package, we always make sure to get its UPS tracking number from the shipper. On the day before or the morning of the scheduled delivery date, we call the local telephone number and ask that they deliver it on the latest possible route so that it arrives after we return home from work. After doing this with dozens of packages, almost everyone at the center knows us and understands how to proceed with this request. We have found that things usually work out well for UPS packages and we now prefer UPS to other carriers ehenever possible.