Saturday, January 7

Austin Apartment Summary

Greetings. As I did when I came back from my interview in November, I thought I'd put up a short summary of my apartment search over the past two days, and then put up a longer narrative later. So, here goes:

* My parents and I drove to Austin early Thursday morning and met with the first apartment leasing people at 11.
* We met with several more apartment leasing people on thursday and Friday.
* By Friday afternoon at 3:30, we sat down and wrote down the pros and cons of my two finalists.
* We were then able to decide on the right apartment for me.
* I will move in and get settled and acclimated on the weekend of January 20-22.

There were several interesting things we saw and some celebrating as well, but as I say, all that will come later today or tomorrow when I write the longer narrative. Until then.

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