Sunday, January 1


Greetings. I usually think that New Year's resolutions are kind of subjective, or for show, since you always hear of the regular ones like dieting, stop smoking, exercising, etc. Unless the resolution is not one of these, then it stands out. Such as the one I make every year: to increase my independence in some way during the year. Let me first put forth a definition of what I think independence is, since it can be over used in certain circumstances. To me, it means being able to do things on your own, but also knowing when to ask for help if needed. I'm not so over confident that I think I can do everything on my own, but I do try to do as much on my own as possible. Mainly because there may not always be someone around to help. I do recognize that I will need help at one time or another, and I have allowed for that in my definition.

I purposely make the definition very broad, so that many different things could fit in this category, such as walking down to the corner bank and opening up an account, going to a travel agent's office and getting airlines tickets for an upcoming trip, moving in to a new living place, such as an efficiency, or even cooking a meal for 40. Ok, so this last one might seem a little far fetched, however, it along with all the previous things are things that I have done in prior years that I think fit my annual resolution.

As for things from last year that fit my resolution, I think that my interview at Starbucks with the sales representative from VisuAide, and my interview in Austin a few months ago both fit this resolution quite nicely. Especially the Austin interview, since I literally traveled to the airports and to and from the interview location on my own.

This year it might be a little interesting to achieve this resolution, but I'm sure I will in some way. I probably can't count my move to Austin in a few weeks, but I'm sure that there will be other things that I can count.

So, cheers to a new year and may you meet all your New Year's resolutions.

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