Monday, January 9

Austin Moving Update

Greetings. It's been a busy day as I've been working on the move down to Austin. Depending who will help me move, I'll either move on January 20 or 21. Consequently, posts to this blog might be less frequent than usual, but that's understandable.

I've been calling many people on the phone, like doctors for recommendations, the leasing person I'm working with at the new apartments (I've talked with her several times today), my new boss, and others. Thankfully, much of this preparation can be done over the phone or by computer, which is good. However, it seems like the more I do, the more errands that appear on my To Do list. Oh well, I guess that's how it goes.

Depending on the time and what I'm up to, I bounce between being excited about the pending move and new job, to wondering how I will get everything done. I plan on having a local get together, or as I call it a gathering, for friends I've made in Dallas, sometime early next week, so they can say goodbye. Long sentence, grin. Anyway, amidst the planning for the move, I'm also attempting to plan that. Like I said, it's been busy.

One note worthy thing worth mentioning here is that I ordered and received a new clock from Independent Living Aids. This is their talking electric clock radio. I believe the product number is 835895. Anyway, like many adaptive products these days, for whatever reason, the product doesn't come with any instructions on cassette or disk, so the user is left to figuring it out on their own. Or, possibly getting a patient sighted person that can walk you through its operation. Well, I called the company this morning and was informed that they've placed instructions in Word files, for many of their products on their website, and that I could find such instructions for the clock radio there. I went to the site and then clicked on the Product Instructions link, and then it was only a matter of finding the product number and then saving the file to my system. After about 10 minutes of reading the manual, I had the time and alarm set. This is a great idea for these types of companies that sell these daily living products for the blind and vision impaired. And one that other companies should look into.

I still think that the method of finding about the web manuals could be improved upon, like a note in either large print or Braille that is included with the product in question, saying that the manuals can be found online. But a great initiative all the same. I've been wanting this particular clock radio for sometime, but haven't been able to justify it for an efficiency, since I already have a radio and what's the point of having two in the same room? Now that I'm moving to an apartment though, I can easily justify it. For those interested, the clock is only about $27 plus the $7 or so of shipping charge. I'll put the link to the product instructions page up on my site tonight or tomorrow, probably in the What's New section on the home page.

Talk soon.

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