Sunday, January 15

Snapshots of Church

Greetings. To me, snapshots are brief memories of things I've been through, whether they be one scene or doing something with others or even a snapshot of my environment. Well, below, I've listed a few snapshots of church, specifically Scofield Memorial Church, where I've been going for the last year and a half and some. These snapshots have been popping up in my mind for most of the day. Today was my last Sunday to go to Scofield before I move to Austin. I'll probably leave some things out, but then again, I'm doing this so that I and others can remember. Here goes:

Meeting Scott and his family, and riding to and from church with them. I have several snapshots with Scott, which include in no particular order: going grocery shopping with him and his Dad, and that one time I went with shopping with his 11 year old daughter. That was fun since his daughter really enjoyed shopping (not surprising I suppose but I was surprised, no kid likes grocery shopping, or so I thought), and she was really helpful. Riding with Scott to drop one of his kids off at baseball practice during the spring and summer, and then going through drive throughs to get lunch, or even finishing the kids' lunch, grin.

One thing that impressed me about Scott right off was his willingness to serve and help. Scott has 4 kids, and had I known that, he probably wouldn't have been the person I would have asked to drive me to and from church. However, when Scott was asked, he agreed. However, I suppose that if Scott didn't respond, then I wouldn't have gotten those snapshots.

I also remember having brief, but meaningful, talks with Scott about various things. And, going out to lunch with Scott, his family, and his parents, a few times. Those were fun.

Other snapshots include, from the singles class: going to the Sunday night Bible studies with the singles; hanging out at the house the studies were at back in May, at the last study of the spring; and generally getting to know the people in that class. One big snapshot that must be mentioned is getting songs from the worship leader on a regular basis, and then being able to put those songs on my note taker and read them during the singing period, just like everyone else. Along with this, I regularly got the songs that were sung in the main service from Daniel, and was able to sing and follow along in that service. This has been a big snapshot for me, since before I got these songs, there would only be one or two songs I'd recognize that they would sing. But when I got the words, I could really act like I knew the songs and sing with everyone else, or at least read along.

Also from the singles group: the fellowship that we always had before we started class; this past Christmas party and going carolling; praying with Brent and Bill after class on the Sunday following my lay off, about my future; going swing dancing in September with Sharon and others; teasing Sharon about her butter dish; teasing Helen about her violin; and generally getting to know the various people in that class.

In the main service: listening to the people sing in that service, such as Daniel; giving a consistent offering to the Lord; listening to Pastor Matthew's vivid story illustrations, where I could feel like the characters he would describe; and others.

Another big thing that constantly and consistently impressed me about Scofield and its people was that I was accepted without question by everyone I met. This shouldn't be out of the ordinary, since you'd think that this would be the norm, but I'm sad to say that this hasn't always been the case in some churches or with some people. With the people from Scofield though, I didn't have to prove myself or try to minimize my blindness; everyone accepted me as I was, and I like that.

Anyway, I'm sure I left some snapshots out, but these are some of the ones that have been in my mind today, and even over the past few days. Scott asked me today if Austin will be my new home, and I really didn't know what to tell him. Ultimately I answered along the lines of, "Well, I hope so, but up until now, each time I wanted to call an area my home, I've moved on or my environment has changed. So I don't know." Truthfully, around September last year, I really felt like Scofield was my home, and then a couple of months later I was laid off, and here we are. Time will tell I suppose.

My best wishes to everyone from Scofield. As I told another friend a few days ago, "It's been a good ride." And, I'll definitely stay in contact with you and visit when I'm in town; count on it. When I visit, I might even call Scott for old times sake, and ask him if he can pick me up for church, :)

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