Saturday, January 28

Virus Warning

Greetings. I heard on this week's Kim Komando radio show that there will be another serious virus making it rounds. The difference with this one is that once activated, it disabled antivirus software, and then on February 3, it destroys all data on your computer. If Kim mentioned it on her show, and says its serious, then I take her word for it. She indicated that it would arrive via email as an attachment, and with a sexual or pornographic related subject line.

Even though it seems like common sense, it bares repeating: Don't open attachments from people that you don't know, or if you're not expecting them. Especially in this case, use extreme caution if you get an email with subject lines like the ones I described above. Your best action would be just to delete the email and save yourself tons of time and trouble, especially since we're talking about a virus that can destroy all data on your computer.

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