Tuesday, January 17

Phone Access is Great!

Greetings. Now that I've come up for air for awhile since I've been playing with my new phone, I wanted to post a brief message here. I was successfully able to install the Talks software with the help of a kind gentleman from Missouri. It took us a couple of tries, but that was mainly my fault for accidentally pushing buttons and not realizing it. Anyway, I got Talks on the phone, and while I thought of it, I installed the light and color identifyer, and an expanded file explorer. Ever since that point several hours ago, I've been toying with the phone, adding contacts, listening to a tutorial I got for Talks some time ago, and other things. It's great to be able to put contacts, some with more than one number, in my phone independently. Currently, I've got 8 people in my contacts. I can understand why the blind people I know that have Talks or software like it, say that they will never go back to just a "regular" phone, where you can only dial a number. I can already see that I'm going to love this new phone and Talks. What's going to be really good is picking names and then numbers, and not having to remember all these various numbers for people. Kind of like when I went from typing in email addresses, to using the auto complete feature in Outlook Express. Similar thing here.

Well, I'm off to enter more contacts and generally have a good time with the new phone and software I have, not to mention the greater access.

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