Friday, January 13

Good News About the USPS

Greetings. I wanted to report a positive visual/word verification incident. The USPS has their act together with regards to making their site accessible. I just changed my address from Dallas to Austin, and had a great experience. When I reached the screen where you enter the visual/word verification code, right above this form, there's a link which says something like, "If you use a screen reader, then click here to be redirected to an alternate page." When I did, the code was displayed on screen and I was informed that an email would be sent to the address that I had filled in on an earlier form, with the link to click on to complete the process. When I found the email and the link and clicked on it, a secure page opened up where I could write or paste in the verification code, then check the box authorizing the $1 transaction for the change of address, then hit the Continue button. I was able to complete the address change process completely on my own. This is the way it should be.

This is the first time I've come across this method of giving the code, but it worked for me and as of next Friday, my mail will be forwarded to Austin.

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